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Outdoor electronic signs are the feature presentation for your facility!  Message centers are versatile, economical, and aesthetically pleasing.  Electronic message centers provide more than just, "a pretty picture",  they are a useful projection of your company, school or facility. Providing the passer-by with useful information that demands attention and displays important features of your business.  We manufacture and distribute signs, rate displays, rate signs, gas station rate signs, electronic message centers, time and temperature displays and so much more.


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Features of outdoor signs



Outdoor signs are available in red, amber, 32,000 color and full video!


Custom signs to meet your specific needs.


LED lights for low power consumption and longevity. See What's an LED?


LED's are brighter than light bulbs and are rated for 100,000 hours of use.


Conformal coated circuit boards for protection from outdoor weather elements.


Flexible connection: fiber optic, modem, wireless radio transmitter, RS232 and RS485.


Visible in direct sunlight.


Computer controlled for accurate operation, on board diagnostics, and animation capabilities!



outdoor electronic message signs

Electronic signs have revolutionized visual communications for business advertisement.  Messages that grab a potential customers attention and bring them into your store or facility.  

electronic message centers outdoor signselectronic message centers outdoor signs

Message centers are easily changeable with a few strokes of the keyboard.  Display time and temperature between messages, and everyone will be looking at your sign!

outdoor rate signsDC-digital LED rate display 25"

Rate Displays and rate signs for hotels, gas stations, and quick marts, are more readable and aesthetic than old fashioned reader boards.

electronic message centers outdoor signselectronic message centers outdoor signs


Electronic Signs for schools, churches, and commercial businesses.  We can get you financed as well


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